Data Fields

sdp_rtpmap_s Struct Reference

Mapping from RTP payload to codec. More...

#include <sdp.h>

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Data Fields

int rm_size
 sizeof sdp_rtpmap_t
 Next RTP map entry.
 Codec name.
unsigned long rm_rate
 Sampling rate.
 Format-specific parameters.
 Contents of fmtp.
unsigned rm_predef: 1
 is this entry well-known?
unsigned rm_pt: 7
 Payload type.
unsigned rm_any: 1
 Wildcard entry.

Detailed Description

Mapping from RTP payload to codec.

The sdp_rtpmap_t() structure defines a mapping from an RTP payload to a particular codec. In case of well-known payloads, the sdp_rtpmap_t() structure may be predefined, that is, generated by SDP parser without corresponding "a" line in the SDP. The sdp_rtpmap_t() structure may also contain the fmtp attribute, which is used to convey format-specific parameters.

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