Data Fields

url_t Struct Reference

URL structure. More...

#include <url.h>

Data Fields

char url_pad [sizeof(void *)-2]
 Zero pad for URL_STRING_P().
signed char url_type
 URL type (url_type_e).
char url_root
 Nonzero if root "//".
char const * url_scheme
 URL type as string.
char const * url_user
 User part.
char const * url_password
char const * url_host
 Host part.
char const * url_port
char const * url_path
 Path part, starts with "/".
char const * url_params
 Parameters (separated by ;).
char const * url_headers
 Headers (separated by ? and &).
char const * url_fragment
 Fragment (separated by #).

Detailed Description

URL structure.

This structure is used to present a parsed URL.

Field Documentation

char url_pad[sizeof(void *)-2]

Zero pad for URL_STRING_P().

char const* url_scheme

URL type as string.

signed char url_type

URL type (url_type_e).

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