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SSIP-GST is a SIP/SIMPLE plugin for Gaim and is compliant with the IETF RFC3261 specification. SSIP-GST aims to leverage features of the cool Gaim UI for Sofia-SIP library usage, and it can be used as a SIP client for uses such as VoIP, IM and presence. Audio support is integrated using GStreamer. SSIP-GST plugin is licensed under the GPL.

Release Notes


Sofia-SIP library is needed before installing SSIP-GST. Obtain, compile and install the latest release from here. Several libraries are required for audio support. Usually these ship with the major Linux distributions.

Obtaining SSIP-GST

There are two ways to obtain SSIP-GST Gaim plugin:


First the tar.gz release package needs to be extracted.

$ tar xvzf <ssip-gst package name>

$ cd <ssip-gst package name>

SSIP-GST uses GNU autotools. To build without GStreamer support:

$ ./

$ ./configure

$ make

To build with GStreamer support:

$ ./

$ ./configure --enable-gst

$ make

There are two alternative installation options:

$ make install-home


$ make install-plugin

The first option "make install-home" will install plugin to $HOME/.gaim/plugins. This is the normal action for non-root users.

The second option "make install-plugin" will install plugin to directory specified by configure flag --with-gaim-libdir and makes it possible to take plugin into use system wide. For example:

$ ./configure --enable-gst --with-gaim-libdir=/apps/lib/gaim

$ make

$ make install-plugin

SSIP-GST screenshots

To call a buddy, right-click the buddy and choose "Call buddy".

Accept the incoming call by clicking "Accept".

The outgoing call can be cancelled by right-clicking the buddy and choosing "Hangup call".